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Understanding the customer experience is a critical part of any business in today's cost sensitive world. Every customer relationship and contact impacts your business  and ensuring a positive experience drives their loyalty and spend . However, the customer experience model is... Full Content »
Consumer behavior is forcing Customer Care organizations to change the way they interact, engage, and support their customers. A recent Forrester Research study shows that nearly two thirds of Customer Care centers do not manage inquiries the same way—affecting customer satisfaction and retention.During this webinar learn how CRM can help support... Full Content »


Are you able to provide unique, differentiated service experience to your customers?  Do your agents run through a pre-designed assembly line-like process with customers?

Increasingly, customer service cases are getting more complex and a one-size fits all approach to case management is no longer effective.  With customers... Full Content »

As consumers, we know a good customer experience when we have one. But there’s a real disconnect when it comes to decoding the customer experience as a business.

Recent research from CMIQ shows that we know that customer experience can be a make-or-break factor in winning and keeping customers. But the research also shows that many... Full Content »

For as challenging as it is to acquire new business in today’s competitive economic environment the task of satisfying your customers while continually meeting demanding revenue quotas is even more daunting. Maximizing engagement is pivotal for retaining your customers and transforming them into repeat buyers, and success in this arena... Full Content »

In a survey conducted by Call Center IQ, 68% of executives confirmed plans to increase their customer service budgets in 2014.  Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before.

Operating in what has been dubbed the “age of the customer,” virtually all businesses profess a rhetorical commitment to the customer... Full Content »

This one-hour complimentary webinar by TARP and Whirlpool on lowering call center operations through customer relationship management will help you:

Identify causes of customer call center contact and escalation

Select the top three opportunities to eliminate call center service contacts

Justify investments in customer education... Full Content »

Most businesses claim to care about the customer experience.  A considerably smaller amount actually delivers a satisfying one.

It is a story as old as time:  talking the talk but not walking the walk.  The consequences, however, continue to get more significant.  Thanks to simultaneous escalation of customer expectations... Full Content »

One of the biggest problems for enterprises today is the large volume of customer calls. High operating costs prevent human interaction for every phone call, yet research continues to show that customers prefer to speak with a person, not a robot. Tara’s presentation will focus on the new technology that allows for increasing customer... Full Content »

Customer service is supposed to be easy.  It is supposed to be painless.  It is supposed to help customers.

Unfortunately, far too many organizations are producing harmfully difficult customer experiences that force customers to devote excessive time and effort in exchange for minimal reward.

If left unaddressed, these complicated... Full Content »

Join GfK MRI for this webinar, where we’ll take a close look at a hypothetical American family to offer insights into every generational group, based on the Survey of the American Consumer, TeenMark and the American Kids Study.   A broad range of marketing categories will be covered, including Nutrition, Green Issues, Tablets,... Full Content »
752 results
of 69
Posted: Thu, 08/20/2009
Interview with Advisory Board Member John Cushman, VP Business, AT&T at the 2009 IQPC Customer Experience Summit

Is your customer experience making you money or costing you money? Are you a customer-centric leader who understands that engaged customers make a positive bottom-line impact? Hear from John Cushman, VP Business at AT&T about the business direct portfolio, and how they were affected by the economic impact. Cushman and his team looks at the us Full Video »
Contributor: Blake Landau
Posted: Mon, 02/16/2009
Amazon was one of the first companies to create a tailored and authentic online shopping customer experience. Creating goodwill with the customer is a subtle art. Customer Management IQ's Blake Landau talks with Bill Price, Former and first Global VP of Customer Service, about what made Amazon customers fall in love with the site. Price will Full Podcast »
Contributor: Jon Blum
Posted: Wed, 05/06/2009
Jon Blum
Your customer and how you approach your customer hold the key to successfully investing in your dynamic business model, but more importantly, in turning around the economy. Wait a minute. This suddenly got a lot larger than you may have thought… Whether your customer base is 10 or 10 million, the idea that each individual holds critical answers to... Full Column »
Contributor: call center week
Posted: Mon, 02/23/2009
call center week

Follow-up customer surveys allow companies to collect customer feedback more diligently and use the resulting data to pinpoint lagging satisfaction. Surveys also supplement metrics like call times and hold times to measure agent availability and routing of calls to the right person or department. Mostly, customer surveys can help take service lev Full Sector Report »