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Contributor: Cheryl China
Posted: 10/01/2017
Citizens Bank SVP Cheryl China discusses the changes and challenges she encountered on her journey to leadership. She also shares insights for dealing with customer escalations. Full Content »
Contributor: CCW Digital
Posted: 09/28/2017
Lessonly Report cover
89% of businesses confirmed training as a top strategic focus for the next year. Are your contact center agents prepared to thrive through this evolving landscape? Full Content »
Contributor: Brian Cantor
Posted: 09/18/2017
From the cost of bad service, to top strategic priorities, to customer loyalty, to AI, to the future of agent engagement, this report evaluates key CX realities. Full Content »
Contributor: Lisa Schulman
Posted: 09/11/2017
Lisa Schulman
"Every year it amazes me," says OpenText's Roger Lee, who is a highly regarded workforce optimization thought leader. Full Content »
Contributor: Brian Cantor
Posted: 08/29/2017
Brian Cantor
Training is a pivotal focus for today's contact centers. Here are 5 signs that you are doing it correctly. Full Content »
Contributor: Ian Golding
Posted: 08/28/2017
Ian Golding
Customer-centric leaders -- the ones who truly foster a great customer experience -- share six attributes. Full Content »
Contributor: Frank Eliason
Posted: 08/28/2017
Frank Eliason
Acclaimed customer management thought leader Frank Eliason gives an update on the state of the customer experience. He also talks about the vital role of the employee experience. Full Content »
Contributor: Brian Cantor
Posted: 08/04/2017
"Seinfeld" offered lessons on the importance of rewarding the right behavior, the value of effortless engagement and the role fear plays in driving great experiences. Full Content »
Contributor: CCW Digital
Posted: 07/20/2017
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"My retire plan is to die in an avalanche." "It's a very special person in the contact center." - We look at great, exclusive quotes delivered by leaders from Cisco, GM, Ashley HomeStore, Microsoft, Frontier, NewEgg, and more! Full Content »
Contributor: Jim Thomsen
Posted: 06/23/2017
Jim Thomsen
For best-in-class contact center finalist Sign-Zone, it's all about the personal touch. Full Content »
Contributor: Jason Karaman
Posted: 06/02/2017
Football helps us understand how sales and service can work together to elevate the overall customer journey. Full Content »
580 results
of 53