Rebecca Jarvis

Chief Business, Economics and Technology Correspondent ABC News

Wednesday, August 26

Wednesday, August 26th, 2020

12:00 PM The Future of AI for CX

In the current environment, artificial intelligence is more important than ever, especially for the customer experience. In this opening interview, Rebecca Jarvis, Chief Business, Economics and Technology Correspondent, ABC News, will interview MIRA BEAUTY's co-founder and CEO, Jay Hack, on how AI strategy is the path forward in an ever-evolving landscape.

2:30 PM Panel: Leverage Customer Data to Deliver Connected, Dynamic and Impactful Experiences

Every enterprise collects a wide range of data points from the contact center and beyond as it pertains to the customer experience. Is your organization in a position to use that data to its full potential across the end-to-end experience? How are key data points being shared to the executive-level, and how is data a catalyst for experience transformation in your organization?  

This panel will address cases in effective data management and storytelling:

  • Aggregating and dashboarding data to understand and share key insights
  • Interpret data to make actionable decisions to improve the customer’s journey
  • Communicate data both up and across the greater organization