CCW Digital Special Reports

Special Report: Customer Trust

Special Report: Customer Trust

Your customers don't trust you or your fellow brands. New consumer research confirms that they don't believe experiences are majorly improving and do not believe brands take their feedback seriously. Worse, they frequently hear horror stories about data breaches and abuse.

It is time to change this reality. It is time to win back your customers' trust and wallet share.

By helping you make your experience more frictionless, more personalized, more omnichannel and more secure, this special report will help you become a brand customers want to support.

Topics include:

  • 4 signs of a trustworthy customer experience
  • 6 reasons you're losing your customers' trust
  • 6 ways to create a more trustworthy experience
  • Tips for increasing personalization, boosting security and reducing effort across all channels
Special Report: Digital CX

Special Report: Digital CX

Chances are, digital channels are the first touchpoint a customer has with your brand — especially if they discovered you through a Google search or recommendations site like Yelp. Even if you’re a retailer, your customers may search online before visiting a store. 

For service businesses such as banks and insurance providers, the digital customer experience is a natural extension of the customer relationship; customers want to be able to use digital channels to contact you, update account information and perform transactions. 

The digital customer experience is the sum of digital interactions between a customer and a company, and the customer’s resulting impression of the brand. This includes front-end services and supporting back-office processes typically designed to provide speedier, more convenient customer support than offline channels. 

In this Special Report, we explore what it takes for companies to build a top-notch digital customer experience. You’ll discover the following:

  • 6 hallmarks of an omnichannel customer experience 
  • 4 common mistakes businesses make in the digital customer experience
  • How to optimize various digital channels for their best use cases
  • 5 case studies of good digital CX from Amazon, Home Depot, Sephora and more
Market Research: Contact Center 2025 - A Roadmap

Market Research: Contact Center 2025 - A Roadmap

We in the customer contact space know this lesson better than anyone. The majority of us play catch-up when it comes to adding contact channels, gathering customer insights, implementing new technology and empowering agents, leaving a select few to reap the rewards of customer centricity.

Let this Market Study on the Contact Center of 2025 be your instrument for the future. Yes, it explores the lingering challenges and stereotypes we need to urgently address. It does not, however, dwell exclusively on the past. It also looks ahead, considering how automation, omnichannel engagement, customer data, emerging technology and cross-industry benchmarking will forever change the contact center landscape.

Special Report: Retail CX

Special Report: Retail CX

It’s hard to think of an industry that isn’t being “disrupted,” but retail is under especial pressure to evolve or die. Legacy brands from Sears to Payless ShoeSource are closing stores, further corroborating the so-called “retail apocalypse.” At the same time, digitally native businesses like Warby Parker, Bonobos and Amazon are opening physical stores, thereby refuting the popular misconception that customers overwhelming prefer to shop online.  

With all these changes afoot, retailers are scrambling to re-strategize and navigate a channel-agnostic world where brands that successfully blend the in-store and digital purchasing experience come out on top. Just like machine-human interactions have shown that virtual agents augment the performance of live agents instead of stealing their jobs, physical retail and e-commerce don’t have to be antagonistic. 

In this Special Report, you’ll discover the following:

  • Innovations in the digital customer experience, from website personalization to mobile apps, featuring case studies from Danone and Home Depot 
  • What retail brands like T-Mobile and Pinterest are doing to lure customers into stores and personalize their shopping experience through data and analytics
  • The future of experiential retail – blending entertainment and shopping with advanced technology
  • Lessons learned from brands like Best Buy and Toys R’ Us that rebounded from the retail apocalypse
Special Report: Future Contact Channels

Special Report: Future Contact Channels

Contact center leaders are relentlessly debating the future of omnichannel engagement and what it will mean for the contact center. In this report you’ll learn to hire the right people, design the right experiences, implement the right technology and set the right metrics, ultimately ensuring you can deliver a great experience no matter where, when or why your customers connect. 

Topics include:

  • 5 omnichannel trends that are disrupting the contact center
  • New skills  your omnichannel “super agents” will require
  • The role chat will play in the future of the contact center
  • Tips for measuring performance in digital channels
  • Insights into the balance between “call deflection” and customer centricity