#CCWATHOME Challenge


Even though we’re experiencing in uncertain times, we we're making the most of it and having a little fun. So, last we asked you to take part in our #CCWATHOME challenge by sharing photos of your at home work space. As we continue to isolate, we'll be highlighting the WFH set-ups from various companies, so get creative to be featured!

Here's how you can join:

1. Take a photo of your WFH set up. Bonus points if a pet makes an appearance.

2. A quick line on how you’re adapting to working from home, something new you’re finding time to do while WFH, and/or what your team is doing to connect while working remotely.

3. Post on LinkedIn with the hashtag #CCWATHOME.

Need some inspiration? Check out what we received from Kelley Kurtzman, Vice President of Global Consumer Sales and Service Centers at Verizon, and her WFH team.

Alyson Gasper - Senior Manager

Working from home, way healthier version of me. Eating better, regular physical activities, tons of Sami time, structured schedule and zero commute time!

Cortney Haven - Senior Manager

My husband and I start each day by taking our dog on a nice long walk before work!

Amy Delle – Senior Manager

While I participate in chats and webex meetings, my dog Mookie keeps me company while he looks out the window! Since being at home, I take a walk with him at lunch time which is something I do not do while I am in the office. This is good for the both of us! My team and I stay connected through daily huddles, phone calls and chats. While apart, this keep us connected and together!

Caroline Ancheta – Senior Manager

Here's my little staff meeting with my fluffy co-workers! And how I am acclimating to this WFH: I actually get to eat something during the work day! It is definitely helping to get back in a healthier mode. How my team and I connect up: My team and I have a 745am daily coffee session to quickly check-in with each other, and to update each other on important items and updates, and to quickly work on the strategy for the day!

Ryan Iannelli - Supervisor

My cat Sunshine always makes working indoors at home sunny every day!

Vladimir Olivier - Representative

Adapting to working from home is like starting a new job in a new location. You are familiar with your environment, yet you're adjusting to having your home be your workstation. In addition to being new to fatherhood, you have a call center and daycare in the same space...still taking care of business. Something new that I’m finding helpful for me is doing more exercises and stretches, as I'm in my comfort zone. The great thing with my team is that we connect with Webex and are able to catch up and chat. While working remotely, we can still joke and enjoy the day as normal. Everyone always asks for a picture of Jaden (my one year old son). Hey, he seems to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Kimaya Parris – Representative

Working from home has been great. I get to spend more time with my baby girl. It has been an adjustment, but I now have a better eating schedule, and a new hair and face regimen. Not only am I helping to serve our customers, but I get to spend more time with my family while still staying connected to my team. In our virtual team huddles we all participate in icebreakers. I learn more about my team each time we meet up.

Yajahira Almengo - Representative

Working from home has been an excellent experience for me. Now I am able to help my kids with their homework and spend more time creating memories with them. My team is more connected than ever, we are increasing productivity. We help each other with any questions through Jabber. We move forward together because we are happier. No commute equals saving money and time.

Stay tuned for more features! We can't wait to see your submissions.             

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