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June 22 - 26, 2020 | Caesars Forum, Las Vegas

CCW Digital Spotlight Series:Meghan Borsic

CCW Digital Spotlight Series:Meghan Borsic

How do you become the largest E-Commerce company in the entire world? User experience design. It goes way beyond web design and user interfaces. It's about gathering data on what customers want and designing features to meet those needs.

Amazon created the benchmark in ecommerce for two day shipping, and is now experimenting with automated drone deliveries in the U.K. When you buy an Amazon Fire device, it already knows who you are with all your content readily available. And with Prime Now, Amazon offers two hour delivery for over 250 thousand items, which just raises the stakes even further. It's this culture of experimentation and innovation that allowed Amazon to evolve from an online bookseller competing with Barnes and Noble into the empire that it is today.

In this CCW Digital speaker spotlight series, we had Kindra Cooper, Digital Writer and Editor for CCW Digital, ask Meghan Borsic the Head of UX Design for Consumer Electronics at Amazon to discuss what customers want and how to design features to meet those needs.

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