Customer Management Practice: Mission Statement

The mission of IQPC's Customer Management Practice is to create unparalleled growth opportunities tailored specifically for the customer management sector. We strive to deliver a seamless, yet exceptional customer interaction for our practitioners and solution providers alike through our multi-platform approach. The goal: exceed the growing expectations of today's experience driven economy by generating unforgettable professional development experiences that simply can’t be ignored.

Our Brands

Meet the Customer Management Practice Team

Mario Matulich
Executive Director

Gahwui Kim
Marketing Director

Max Ribitzky
Business Development Director

Brian Cantor
Digital Director

Zach Weiner
Digital Marketing Manager

Simon Copcutt
Head of Strategic Accounts

Priscilla Regis
Operations Director

Lisa Schulman
Head of Market Research, CCW Series

Michael DeJager
Head of Market Research, Experience Design Series

Nadia Chaity
Head of Market Research, Customer Delivery and CCO Series

Rachel Luciano
Marketing Manager

Nicole Leong
Marketing Assistant

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