Day 3: Thursday, February 11th

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm 5 Easy Strategies for Driving Better CX Today

Kim Barna - Director of Sales and Service, Verizon

As we settle into a new and different operating environment, we find ourselves with a plethora of evolving priorities. Where do you even start to move the needle on your end-to-end customer experience in 2021? In this session, Verizon's Kim Barna shares five simple strategies for you to put in place today to improve the customer experience of tomorrow. "


Kim Barna

Director of Sales and Service

12:30 pm - 1:00 pm Are You Ready to Act Strategically and Agile?

Richard Correia - Director of WFO Product Marketing, NICE

Contact center organizations around the world need to act smarter and faster as they continue to grapple with the anywhere work locations and the seismic increases in digital channels. Some of the challenges that need to be addressed are managing the workforce for digital channels, creating better learning and engaging solutions for remote employees, and getting to clear and prescient insights to elevate employee performances. With this webinar, we will address those challenges and others, and articulate some of the strategies and tools required for a more agile operation.


Richard Correia

Director of WFO Product Marketing

1:00 pm - 1:30 pm Please press “1” for a differentiated customer experience

Gaurav Chugh - Partner, IBM

Over the last nine months, as the pandemic has impacted our lives, stories of customers being on the phone for hours, or businesses dropping calls by design because they didn’t have the capacity to handle them, have become too common. In a world where customers are ready to abandon a brand after only three unsatisfactory interactions, experience must be paramount. This webinar will explore the technologies, processes and tool shifts needed to enable a differentiated customer experience in your organization. Hear from experts about how AI-enabled solutions can elevate customer experience and deliver measurable business value as you scale. (Plus, why it might not cost you anything to get started.) 


· Optimize workloads to empower associates and enable greater overall scalability 

· Reduce operating costs, while increasing net promoter scores to improve loyalty 

· Establish a “build once, deploy anywhere” solution unifying voice, chat, SMS, social and email, for a more consistent, personal customer experience. 


Gaurav Chugh