Best of CCIQ '11 Q2: Best Call Center, Twitter is Overrated, Social Media Wastes Time, LEGO's Culture

Brian Cantor

Call Center IQ is proud to present its Best of 2011. The following pieces received the most traffic for each respective month of Q2, 2011. The index (including links to the top pieces from Q1, Q3 and Q4, follows)


5 Twitter Mistakes to Avoid– As Twitter grows to encompass almost 200 million users and businesses display almost as many Twitter icons as Facebook icons on their websites, you’d think that companies are starting to figure out how to better utilize Twitter to inform and truly engage with the public.

What Social Media Metrics Should You Track?- The idea of using social media metrics and marketing automation is still a farfetched idea for most businesses, which means those who are taking advantage of it right now have a serious leg up on the competition. But this isn’t about robots taking over your social media and marketing jobs.


Is Twitter Massively Overrated?– I was thunderstruck by new social media usage data released by Edison Research and Arbitron. In this thorough study of the media habits of Americans ages 12 and up (conducted annually since 1998), the survey authors have put a statistical fine point on something I’ve been pondering for a while: Is Twitter Massively Overrated?

Social Media Outreach: A ‘Waste of Time and Money’?- Fiona Dias, executive vice president of strategy and marketing for GSI Commerce, has for a while been telling clients that social media outreach is not worth their energy or time. Recent research conducted collaterally by Forrester Research and GSI Commerce, backs her assertion. The study showed that social media’s influence on online purchasing behavior is negligible.


Call Center Week Awards Reveal World's Top Call Centers, Best Use of VOC- As the hundreds of customer management executives and innovators in attendance at the 12th Annual Call Center Week remained focused on best practices for overcoming contact center challenges and achieving multi-channel customer success, the opportunity was seized to celebrate those companies who best epitomize success.

LEGO's Reward Bricks, Colorful Culture and KPIs - LEGO tries to bring a WOW factor to every aspect of its customer service. Jill Ouellette, LEGO's Director of Business Development, shared LEGO's hiring and training tactics, rewards and recognitions programs and the KPIs they use for contact center agents with CMIQ recently.

Q1 (January-March): Content on the rise of contact center complaints, Charlie Sheen’s Twitter, Disney’s customer experience and process excellence in the call center

Q3 (July-September): Content on mistakes agents make when dealing with angry customers, Zappos’ and Apple’s customer experiences, Netflix’s pricing fiasco, why teenagers hate certain brands and why Google loves its call center

Q4 (October-December): Content on why Disney and Bank of America are hurting the customer experience with their IVRs, how Southwest Airlines delivers an elite customer experience, nine steps for improving customer experience and the role of live agents in 2011