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Introducing Call Center IQ: A Peer-To-Peer Solution Exchange

People have more and more to read, but want to spend less and less time reading. They want information faster, crisper, more specific and more selective.

In this kind of situation, how does an online publication select and build its audience? Some do it with lengthy articles. Some do it with video clips. Some do it with Interviews with thought leaders.

Call Center IQ does it by enabling peer-to-peer communications.

Of course, we also provide articles, video clips and everything else required of an online publication.

Nothing is more important to business people than solutions to their specific problems. Solutions that show how to put into action both new and old ideas, methodologies and technologies.

Today, for example, the film critic is being displaced by moviegoers who give their opinions on a given film. The era of "one-to-many communications" is over and is being replaced by a new movement called "many-to-many communications."

Practitioners want to tap into the collective wisdom of their peers. It's that simple.

We do not view ourselves as a publication. We view ourselves as a solution provider. We're facilitating the exchange of ideas/solutions among organizations of all kinds and sizes.

One specific and correct solution to a problem you pose to others is worth a hundred articles on the subject. We are dedicated to continuing improvement of our solution-communicating capability. But we need your participation.