The Positive Coach Approach: Call Center Coaching for High Performance

The Positive Coach Approach (Call Center Coaching for High Performance) has been designed to stand on four major foundational imperatives. To become proficient in it, managers and coaches must understand and embrace the philosophy and background of the process as outlined in each foundational block.

Foundational Imperative # 1: Four Building Blocks

Managers and coaches must adhere to the attitudinal elements (or ingredients) that make up the Four Building Blocks of positive coaching: intention, relationship, discipline and skill. By intending to be successful, developing mutually beneficial relationships, practicing self-discipline, and use appropriate communications skills, you will become a positive coach.

Foundational Imperative #2: The LAMA Technique©

This technique will no doubt become your most useful and rewarding tool in interacting with everyone in your life, agents as well as peers, subordinates, superiors, family and friends. For our purposes, the LAMA Technique will enable you to initiate and maintain a constructive dialog with agents, thereby avoiding the tendency to "talk down to", preach or criticize instead of coaching. Your skillful use of this technique will allow you to affect great changes and improvements in the performances of agents you coach.

Foundational Imperative #3: Eight Guiding Principles

The Eight Guiding Principles are the basic philosophy employed in establishing the "what to do, why to do, and how to do" elements of the Positive Coach Approach. These principles will facilitate your efforts to create and maintain a safe and consultative environment, build self-esteem, maintain an adult training environment, delegate responsibilities accordingly, set appropriate timelines, reach bilateral agreements, and ask the right questions.

Foundational Imperative #4: The High Five

The High Five is a clearly defined set of five steps that provide coaches with a fail-proof agenda for conducting successful coaching sessions. This is one of the truly unique elements of this coaching book. Many instructional books will tell you what you should do, and why you should do it, but most fail to focus on telling you how to do it! If you follow the High Five, you are assured of successful, positive coaching experiences every time!