Achieving Customer Loyalty With Social CRM

Posted: 07/27/2011

Social media provides a fantastic tool to develop a more comprehensive CRM. It also provides the ideal platform to increase customer loyalty, by providing consumers with direct benefits of value added service and loyalty rewards. Many social CRM experts suggest that one of the most effective ways to incorporate social media into CRM is by treating the experience much like a game. Otherwise known as ‘gamification’, this highly relevant and topical concept suggests that customers are more likely to remain loyal and engaged with an organization’s social media efforts, if they receive something tangible in return. Learn why your organization has more to gain from rewarding its social customers with tangible rewards and benefits:

  • Examples of gamification and its increasing value in social CRM
  • Why customers rate tangible value as one of the most important factors in social CRM
  • Measuring the effectiveness of rewards and their positive impact on customer loyalty