Assessing Personality Traits: Personalizing Your Customer Service

Why, in her exclusive video interview with Call Center IQ, is Tonya Choate, corporate manager of security administration at Baylor Health Care System, wearing a tie-dyed shirt?

The answer is simple: customer management leaders need to recognize the entire spectrum of personality types found within their pool of call center managers and agents.

Too often, as Choate explains, customer service managers "are falling into the driver or the ‘red’ [management personality color]. They’re more outspoken and more demanding of people’s time and ear."

Though these managers often get the job done, they do so at the expense of properly recognizing and collaborating with the other personalities in their organization. In trying to satisfy an ever-expanding, ever-varied customer base, a narrow-minded approach to one’s employees can produce a customer service strategy that gravely misses the mark.

Choate details the various management personality types and the right way to deal with support agents in part one of this exclusive video.

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