Bridging the Gap: Using Your Social CRM Strategy to Jumpstart the Recruiting Process

Posted: 04/19/2011

You have undoubtedly heard the hype about millennials not wanting to work in call centers, but as you work to keep your customer service effort on the pulse, you simply must find a means of tapping into that youth contingent. While some organizations and consultants might dwell on trying to re-brand the call center profession, your more bankable ticket to attracting the younger workforce lies in developing a cutting-edge social media strategy. By refocusing your customer management strategy to recognize social media as a pivotal avenue for engaging and influencing customers, rather than as a required bandage for staying relevant, you can establish yourself as a haven for young employees looking to navigate the blurring line between technology and human interaction.

Topics to be covered:

  • Be the customer service representative you want to hire; establish a youth, pop culture-friendly customer relationship image when representing your organization in social media
  • Assure customer management employees promote the corporate culture from within their own social networking accounts and profiles
  • Wholly evolve from the traditional call process, utilizing live chat and message board responsive systems that are more culturally appealing to prospective youth employees