Identifying ROI From Social CRM: More Than Just A Fiscal Assessment

Posted: 08/03/2011

Because social CRM utilizes free communication channels to engage massive audiences, it’s easy to get carried away with all the hype and praise surrounding it. But if you stop to consider the bigger picture, the only way an organization can effectively maximize and leverage their efforts in social CRM, is through a variety of costly investments. In turn, it is important to consider how your organization should measure the overall ROI, and success of its social CRM. Although success may be measured in purely fiscal terms, it is important to look at other factors which drive returns, including social media’s positive impacts on: enhanced one to one social communication, increased customer advocacy, brand recognition and resolving potential crisis. In this session learn how to measure ROI in more than just fiscal terms:

  • Innovative methods to identify, measure and achieve ROI
  • Understand how social CRM improves and modernizes customer relations
  • Best practices for establishing successful social CRM incident response