Improve Customer Experience By Rethinking Your Role as Call Center Manager

Business leaders, whether inside or outside the call center, typically know how to take orders from their superiors and communicate strategies to their subordinates.

But in trying to deliver a profitable customer experience, they also need to excel at the reverse tactic.

"Most managers, when they reach that level, have pretty much learned how to manage their staff," explains Phil Bennett, optionsXpress’ executive vice president of signature services. "They know how to manage the staff that’s underneath them, but the problem is they need to learn how to manage the people above them as well. [They] need to understand what the goals of [their supervisors] are."

Effectively ‘managing’ senior management, Bennett argues in an exclusive video with Call Center IQ, is a cornerstone of crafting overarching goals for the customer management function. The open communication will enable the C-level to understand the value of acting on the voice of the customer, while simultaneously cluing middle management into how executives will measure the impact of customer experience initiatives.

Mutual understanding of these overarching goals for customer service then enables call center managers to best position their agents for successful customer interactions.

"They have to understand what our needs are as senior management," contends Bennett about properly managing front-line customer service representatives.

Pivotal to the call center manager’s ability to strategize with the C-level, however, is two-way dialogue with his front line agents. Without gaining insight from those answering phones, emails, chats and social media inquiries, call center managers could not provide the C-level with a proper assessment of the customer experience.

"We’ve removed pain points for customers just by listening to the front line staff," says Bennett. "Your front line staff is such a wealth of information. They deal with your customers every single day. They hear what the customers are saying about whatever interactions they have with your companies."

In this exclusive video, Phil Bennett reveals how OptionsXpress has parlayed its two-way management strategy into improvements for customers. He also reveals new ways in which his company measures and acts on the voice of the customer, before sharing the rare example of a call center technology that underpromises and overdelivers.


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