Keeping the Customer: Building Loyalty with your Social Media Initiative, A SEGA Case Study

Posted: 04/26/2011

Social media channels grant your brand near-instantaneous access to millions within your target audience, but as your competitors share in this privilege, it is not enough to view building brand awareness as an end-goal of social media initiatives. Introducing the audience to your brand is important, but getting them to "buy in" is paramount, and the truly-successful social media endeavors are centered around the notion of boosting customer loyalty. From establishing a firm connection with customers by humanizing the brand to piquing audience enthusiasm through free giveaways and lead-centric promotions, SEGA has drawn the roadmap for making social relationships valuable, and this case study will arm you with the tools do the same.

  • Design the perfectly-friendly brand by introducing your audience to the real personalities and cultures behind the organization
  • Manage the informal/formal balance to create a likable brand that still conveys a high-level of product quality and service
  • Dial social media and community management endeavors into the sales and customer service functions to turn oyalty into revenue