Reputation Management: Using Social Media for Crisis Management

Posted: 07/20/2011

In many respects, social media is an anarchistic media platform. It is also a highly democratic one, too. The recent examples of civilian groups using social media as a strategic communication channel to revolt against, and topple governments, is testimony to the immediate and massive audience reach people are empowered with, when communicating via social media. In turn, while many aspects of social CRM are favorable for your organization, there are also many aspects which are open to exploitation and abuse, both internally and externally. In this session, learn how to develop strategies to identify and prevent social CRM abuse and crisis:

  • How social media can destabilize an organization and its operation, if it’s not identified early
  • Best practice for establishing a social CRM crisis management communications protocol
  • Identifying, monitoring and preventing negative customer sentiment, before it becomes a crisis