Social CRM Command Centers: Onshore, Offshore, Cyberspace?

Posted: 08/11/2011

When your customers are in cyberspace, where should your social CRM customer relations team be based? Also, what type of staff should you seek to engage your customers through social CRM? At this stage, most organizations that engage social CRM as a service, have small onshore teams, which remain a fraction of the size of the call center. But let’s face it, more and more customers are engaging social CRM as a service. As a result, organizations not only have to consider expanding social media customer service teams, they must also consider who will manage the operation, and where it will be located. In the end, there is no right or wrong approach to this decision. Ultimately, every organization is different and will require different levels, and styles of social customer service. In this session, identify how you can analyze which direction your social CRM is heading, and tailor engagement strategies, which reflect your customers’ use of social media as a service:

  • Onshore, or offshore? Internal, or outsourced? What is best for your organization?
  • How to identify the right characteristics and qualifications for your social CRM staff
  • Establishing transparency for your social customers and how to develop procedures for escalations