The Devil’s Advocate: Is Social CRM The Be All End All?

Posted: 08/11/2011

Are the ideas underpinning ‘social’ merely just an added word to the proven procedures and principles, which constitute how organizations use traditional CRM? There is a lot of hype surrounding social CRM, but, the number of case studies which substantiate ‘real’ benefits are still too small to convince the masses that a communication revolution is nigh. The contrarian’s perspective is not supposed to discredit social media for CRM; instead, an objective analysis of the arguments for and against, will assist your organization’s assessment of how it can develop a realistic strategy for its foray into social media for CRM. In this final session, the hard earned knowledge and experience of a social media expert will help your organization develop an effective social CRM strategy, in the following key areas:

  • How to avoid getting carried away with the ‘buzz’ of social
  • Social CRM: why one size never fits all
  • How to overcome the hype, and implement what actually matters for your business
  • Finally, the importance of setting realistic expectations for your journey into social CRM