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A Case Study With Mavenir - Revolutionizing The Way Customer Service Does Mobile

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Matt Wujciak


The shift to mobile customer experiences

Most brands are aware that customer loyalty can be fragile. It has never been easier for a consumer to abandon a brand in favor of a more personalized customer service, an app with higher self-service utility value, and crucially, a better mobile experience. Products alone no longer guarantee customer loyalty. Consumers often consider the experience a brand offers to be its main differentiator.

The rise of customer expectations and increasing use of smartphones are amplifying the need for mobile customer support. The competitive gap will widen between brands who provide great mobile customer experiences and those who don’t. 

Here’s why.

The average user spent 27% of daily waking hours, or 4.3 hours, on their mobile device in April 2020 — up 20% from 2019. From scrolling through media, to purchasing products, to contacting customer service departments, consumers across all demographics are becoming increasingly more comfortable, if not dependent on their mobile devices.

In fact, according to CCW Digital’s consumer survey index, 32.05% of customers are more comfortable using chat/messaging/ email/chatbots for all customer service issues - channels dominated by the convenience of mobile. 50.12% of customers are more comfortable using chat/messaging/ email/chatbots for some issues. 

Businesses need to prioritize a user-first culture to see the benefits of improving mobile customer experiences. Today’s users are looking to mobile, and it’s critical to be there for them with efficient processes centered around the right technologies and solution providers. 

When we asked consumers what defines a good customer service experience in these channels, the top two answers were easy to find help on the website/app (60.63%), and easy to use on mobile devices (54.83%). 

Thanks to the pandemic’s acceleration of digital customer support needs, today’s consumers want “full-service” digital experiences that can solve most problems yet still expect seamless escalation to the voice channel. The more logical reading, however, is that customers are demanding frictionless mobile experiences.  

By virtue of how brands handled the transition throughout the pandemic, consumers gained a better sense of whom to trust and support moving forward. By virtue of how they are approaching the new world, consumers will help companies further retool their offerings and messaging. 

One brand, however, has already been leading the pack, providing solutions for customer service departments who are looking to respond to the increasing emerging mobile consumer trends - creating new technologies in digital self-service, live messaging, voice technology, and omnichannel engagement.

Mavenir responds

Mavenir has a long history of being a technology innovator and disruptor, with world’s firsts in voice over WiFi and voice over LTE calls, Rich Communication Services (RCS) message, and more. Founded in 2005, Mavenir has evolved into a leading provider of mission-critical network infrastructure software for Communications Service Providers (CSPs). Worldwide, it is the #1 NFV/IMS vendor and owns 37% of the RCS messaging market and 60% of the SMS market. Its end-to-end next generation portfolio encompasses the full stack of the mobile network infrastructure:

  • 4G/5G voice
  • SMS/RCS messaging
  • Security and network protection
  • RCS Business messaging
  • Contact center as-a-service
  • Unified communications and collaboration as-a-service 

In the past few years, Mavenir has consolidated all of its expertise in mobile networks and communications to bring to market the Mobile Business Fabric - a cloud-based, API-rich framework of Business Communications solutions that allows mobile network operators and channel partners to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes. The Mobile Business Fabric includes solutions for:

  • Unified Communications and Collaboration
  • Contact Center
  • Business Messaging
  • Private Networks
  • Digital Enablement

Mobile Business Contact is a cloud-hosted, omnichannel contact center platform suitable for businesses of any size. It allows customers to reach a business using voice, text, web chat, email, and social networks. With multiple inbound routing options, it improves first-call resolution and customer satisfaction, truly embodying an innovative omnichannel solution.

Increasing efficiency

During live interactions, the Conversational Voice and Chat Assistant can perform natural conversation intelligence for real-time assistance and learning. Based on customer input (voice or text), the assistant can automatically provide suggested actions or responses, reducing the time spent by service representatives to manually look up solutions. Even in situations where it may only save a few seconds per interaction, when all conversations are aggregated, this kind of customer service automation can provide significant cost savings for the business over time. 

Whether it be a live agent providing customer support through different touchpoints, or automated self-service, speed kills - especially in the digital era of customer experience. 

Research commissioned by Google and conducted by 55 and Deloitte, looked at 37 leading European and American brand sites across four verticals: retail, luxury, travel, and lead generation (for example, insurance or car dealership sites). Mobile load times were monitored hour by hour for 30 days at the end of last year, with the results consolidated in real time against a range of typical mobile purchase journey metrics.

Decreasing mobile response times by just one tenth of a second boosted conversion rates by 8.4% in retail and 10.1% in travel.

The results were even more profound for the lead generation brands studied, where a mobile speed improvement of just 0.1 second for an informational page decreased bounce rate by 8.3% for 1 in 2 lead generation sites.

It’s safe to say that today’s consumers expect instantaneous services. And every millisecond that automation saves your customers and employees is more money in your brand's pocket. 

Getting the right customer service insights

In a world where customers have more products to choose from than ever before, brands that don’t have increasingly efficient customer service processes can no longer retain them. As customer service becomes exponentially more important to consumers over time, businesses need to make sure their department is staying one step ahead. 

This is why Mavenir’s robust reporting engine allows supervisors to monitor and coach customer service agents in real-time. The software also provides instant feedback on statistics - such as average speed of answer and average handle time, historical performance data that can be analyzed to ensure better agent performance, proper staffing levels and more.

Mobile Business Contact also has an advanced IVR engine—with a powerful visual editor—to enable multi-level call flows, automation and self-service, as well as intelligent pre-routing. It also provides a complete offering of outbound dialers for organizations with large-scale calling lists looking to boost the efficiency and productivity of their sales and marketing campaigns.

Overlaying the solution with artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance the customer experience with reduced wait times and eliminating complex navigation menus. The AI voice bot can enable natural conversations, performing real-time speech processing to prepare responses while customers speak and only replying after the customer stops. In addition, the voice bot has the ability to listen to the customer while it speaks to them. It can quickly pause, listen to the customer, and respond.

Incorporating AI into the customer journey can reduce the burden on service representatives. Using an AI-powered voice bot or chatbot to intercept and solve simple, repeatable tasks can provide two benefits. First, it keeps representatives available for complex, technical queries. Second, it can reduce the mistakes that arise from performing mundane, repetitive interactions. - Tony Pereira, SVP of Enterprise Solutions 

Using AI to predict problems before they become problems

Using AI for real-time voice sentiment analysis can also increase customer satisfaction, and expedite problem resolution by identifying keywords, changes in speaking rate, and emotion detection to quickly alert supervisors of potential problems before or as they occur. AI can also save time on historical analysis. Manual supervisor reviews of hundreds of calls per day is no longer feasible; AI can be used in place of a human to review each recording and provide insights.

It’s clear that businesses need to provide digital interaction capabilities to their customers. However, smartphone users often suffer from app fatigue, and having to download yet another app to communicate with a business is a non-starter. They expect to interact with a business the same way they interact with each other - using the native messaging client on their mobile device. - Tony Pereira, SVP of Enterprise Solutions 

Mavenir's Mobile Business Contact takes advantage of the Mobile Business Fabric solutions. For example, it combines Mobile Business Messaging to enhance the omnichannel capabilities of Mobile Business Contact with mobile messaging channels that allow consumers to reach out to brands using their mobile device’s native messaging client. This reduces the customer’s barrier to entry; there is nothing to install, and there is no new user experience to master. 

The solution includes APIs that provide businesses with the ability to combine powerful chatbots with "human in the loop" capabilities that allow the chatbot sessions to be sent to a human contact center representative when the consumer demands it or the chatbot flow requires human intervention. These capabilities can also be leveraged with social media channels—such as WhatsApp for Business, Twitter, and Facebook— and Mavenir's roadmap plans to integrate other leading messaging and social ecosystems. - Tony Pereira, SVP of Enterprise Solutions 

Interested in learning more?

From the outside looking in, a contact center isn’t complicated. A customer calls in or sends a message, and someone from the business responds to them. From the inside looking out, however, is where things can be complicated. 

At Mavenir, we believe in reducing the learning curve for new solutions. It starts with the user experience, and there are three users that have to be considered - the service representative, the supervisor, and the administrator. How do you handle customer interactions? How do you monitor them? And how do you set them up in the first place? - Tony Pereira, SVP of Enterprise Solutions

The client user interface provides a single pane of glass for all service interactions, with simple navigation, easy-to-understand notifications, and intuitive action buttons. Supervisors have straightforward dashboard and reporting interfaces to quickly provide them access to the service insights they need to measure efficiency and performance. For administrators, the IVR Designer features simple, click-and-drag functionality to create custom call flows and routing.

Mavenir’s partners undergo detailed pre-sales, technical, and post-sales training in order to provide businesses with the level of support required to set up, manage, and future-proof their customer engagement solutions.

Like many strategic investments, customer service technologies are part technology, part leadership, part process, designed at increasing employee efficiency and customer satisfaction.

As CCW advisory board member and Verizon VP of Global Consumer Sales & Service Centers once told us: 

You can go into call centers and you can have a thousand people in one place. The impact you have on those employees is really incredible. And the impact you have on those employees flows right to the customer.

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