Podcast: Jennifer MacMenamin On Elevating The Guest Experience Journey

Jennifer MacMenamin, a leader for one of the largest big-box retailers, reveals how her organization optimized the guest experience.

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Posted: 08/10/2017

Jennifer MacMenamin, a leader at one of the most popular big-box retailers, recently joined the CCW Digital Podcast.  You can listen below!

Recorded at CX Retail Exchange, Jennifer MacMenamin joins us and shares that she and her team have been engaged in customer experience and caring for the fracture points in the digital experience- but they had always taken an operational lens to it as opposed to the guest lens through which now they see. The goal is to have the organization understand how the guest goes through the guest experience as opposed to simply focusing on operational metrics. For example, Jennifer and her team had been trying to understand an issue that they were having with what they called data flow. However, when they simply utilized guest-centric terminology- the problem was easily solved. And Jennifer and her team, of course, continue to use data that speaks to departmental KPI’s.

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Posted: 08/10/2017

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