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Customer management is a widely recognized strategy for a company to interact with customers. To learn more about how to benefit from your customers, watch customer management videos, call center presentations and other related videos on CCW Digital.

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Customer Experience & Centricity: Where Technology & Heart Collide
A look at what makes customer-centricity, experience and personalization an extremely important part of success in this interview with Mindy Lamb,... View now
The Employee Engagement Process Explained
Randy Woehl, organizational development at Cartwright Co., sheds light on his recent employee engagement initiative. Woehl is joined by Thomas McCoy... View now
Empathetic Agents Matter in High-Crisis Situations
Kimberly Warrick, the Client Service Center Manager at New Jersey Shares, directs a team that regularly field calls from high crisis customers who... View now
2016 Call Center Week Winter Event Trailer
Call Center Week is coming to you twice a year! Check out our event trailer for Call Center Week Winter, January 26-29, 2016 at The Rosen Centre in... View now
Interview with Diane Magers, AT&T Business Services Specialist
Diane Magers at AT&T Business Services knows a thing or two about superior customer experience. At Call Center Week this past June in Las Vegas,... View now
Interview with Chris Vennard
Exclusive interview with Chris Vennard, Global Product Lead at Google. The interview explores integrating call & search functions, the benefits and challenges involved, and the use of metrics in the contact center.
Video: Zynga & TELUS Reveal the 7 Keys to a Customer-Centric Call Center
You can have all the right technology and measure performance against all the right metrics, but if your customer support teams and partners are not... View now
Case Study: How Data Transformed a Call Center, Enhanced Customer Experience
Customer management experts routinely buzz about the impact analytics and data management can have on the call center and customer experience... View now
Companies like Autodesk are driving millions in ROI annually from social support because it delivers better service at a better value. Next generation Social Support is about dialing it up a notch—maximizing that value by making it a fundamental part of the support ecosystem, fully integrated with the systems and processes that make your... View now
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184 video results
of 19