Special Report: Actionable Analytics

8 ways to get the right data to the right employees at the right time

Brian Cantor

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Do you simply want to score your customer experience? Do you simply want to learn what you could do better? Or, do you want to empower all members of your organization to actually build a better experience – and more meaningful connections with your customers?

If actual improvement is your goal, it is time to adopt a more customer-centric, agent-centric and results-driven approach to customer intelligence. It is time to start viewing data as a “goal” and instead leverage it as a tool to elevate the customer contact operation.

It is time to embrace a truly actionable form of analytics. This complimentary special report is your ticket to superior form of intelligence – and thus a superior customer experience. Topics include:

  • The difference between “prescriptive analytics” and “actionable analytics”
  • 5 tips for properly analyzing customer demands and agent performance
  • 8 ways to get the right data to the right employees at the right time
  • Key customer analytics misconceptions – and opportunities
  • The correct way to measure your customer analytics initiatives