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A Case Study With Genesys: The Leader In Contact Center Solutions

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Matt Wujciak


Technology should be easy. That premise holds true when we look at smartphone applications and all they’re capable of doing: photo editing, banking, stock transactions, weather forecasts in 30-minute increments, plus browsing and purchasing anything from anywhere across the globe. Often, however, “easy” is not the way we would describe the systems and applications we depend on for work -- especially in a call center.

The way the world did business had a colossal shift when the pandemic hit. On one front, it exponentially sped up companies’ needs for new technology (i.e. cloud software, new IVR capabilities, chatbot scalability, agent training, and so much more). On another front, the unprecedented move to at-home work is making us all adapt to new procedures and standards that operationalize the way we manage employees, contact customers, and learn about and support both – procedures and standards that will complement operations when the pandemic does end. 

Circa 2019, approximately 90 percent of global organizations were using on-premises solutions for their contact centers, leaving them ill-equipped to manage the rapid scaling and remote work requirements necessitated by urgent stay-at-home orders.

Simply put, as COVID-19 has changed how customers and businesses have and will continue to interact, we can’t adapt to the new era of customer engagement if we don’t have the right technology, tools, and knowledge.

What your customers want

For many organizations, the call center is the heart of customer service, the lifeline of communication, and the driving factor in customer experience. It's where customers call in for help and agents call out for sales. So what are the top factors that impact customer satisfaction with your CX Services? According to Genesys:

If there is a general takeaway, it is that customers want an easy experience. They want accurate, personalized answers quickly - whether via self-service, in a low-touch digital interaction or in a traditional phone conversation. This can only happen when the contact center optimizes its internal resources and then empowers those resources (either bots or agents) to say the right things at the right times in the right environments.

What your employees need

When it comes to the most urgent challenges today, none affects more contact centers than convoluted, difficult to use applications and systems. For example, according to our latest Market Study, thirty-eight percent (38%) of companies say their agents currently struggle due to the lack of an integrated desktop. 

Other top challenges include agents not receiving enough context about customers (33%), insufficient use of automation (33%), the absence of a 360-degree view (32%), and many more.

And the best place to start is with intuitive cloud-based technology that’s flexible enough to be used anywhere (from massive contact centers to work-from-home), fast to deploy, and super intuitive to use.

Interested in learning more? Join Genesys at CX Virtual Tour

Learn more with Genesys as they discuss ways to easily engage with your customers at CX Virtual Tour, taking place at 2:00 PM ET on May 28th. 


This interactive online session will show just how quick and easy it is to make a contact center from scratch. Want to experience it for yourself? Be sure to volunteer to be one of our agents where you’ll take live calls and chats during the event.





Discussion topics:

  • Why Cloud Technology Matters
  • Live build and demonstration of a contact center
  • Tools you depend on to make your contact center operations soar

Genesys client testimonials

“In a world where customer service expectations are changing at lightning speed, PureCloud gives us a serious competitive advantage.”

Ian Roberts, Operations Leader
Quicken Customer Care

“Across the board, Genesys provided the customer experience platform that we needed to really see PayPal move to the next level. It was a huge game changer.”

Dar Andrews, Senior Director of Service Delivery and Engineering

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