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Call Center Week: Customer Satisfaction, Experience Consistency are Top Priorities

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You're invited to attend our FREE Best of Call Center Week on June 30 & July 1. This VIRTUAL EVENT will feature standout speakers and innovators from the 15th Call Center Week, including a panel of the annual award winners. There will also be contests, virtual booths, tons of free content giveaways and ample networking opportunities. Register now!

When it comes to Call Center Week, one would need military-grade earplugs and blindfolds to avoid a subjection to customer experience discourse.

The discussion takes place during keynote presentations. It takes place during breakout sessions. It takes place during roundtables, workshops and masterclasses. It takes place during meetings with exhibitors.

It happens in the lunchroom. It happens at the blackjack table. It happens in the hallway—even under the staircase! It happens over beers at the cocktail function.

But while that discussion can prove gamechanging for organizations looking to optimize call center operations, it remains in the realm of the qualitative. Unless one possesses an otherworldly ability to compute comprehensive, aggregate statistics from a series of individual conversations, his appreciation for trends will be concentrated within anecdotes, commentaries and general consensuses.

Seeking to change that, Call Center IQ this year introduced a live polling element to its general session room. Throughout the event, CCIQ polled attendees on topics related to the event, their organizational profiles and their call center strategies and successes. Certainly not a substitute for the in-depth learning that existed in every corner of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, the data nonetheless provides numerical context for the state of customer service.

More than 1800 professionals were in attendance, and more than 1000 participated in the live, interactive polling.

Key data follows:

What is the primary objective of your call center?

78% - Deliver Customer Satisfaction

13% - Customer Acquisition or Retention

5% - Minimize Cost of Customer Engagement

4% - Cross-Selling or Up-selling

Which trend/focus will most notably impact your business (Part 1)?

38% - Making Service a Top Priority

23% - Attracting & Retaining Top Talent

22% - Real-time Analytics and Big Data

12% - The Omni-Channel Customer

6% - Technological Distruption (Cloud, WebRTC, etc)

Which trend/focus will most notably impact your business (Part 2)?

34% - Personalized Customer Interactions

28% - New Models, Including At-Home Agents, Self-Service, Mobile Response

20% - Pressure to Prove ROI

18% - Changes in Customer Attitudes & Expectations

Please rate your organization’s ability to deliver a multi-channel experience.

35% - Average

27% - Good

21% - Poor

9% - Excellent

8% - Very Poor

Please rate your company’s efficacy in social customer care.

33% - Average

21% - Good

20% - Poor

18% - Very Poor

8% - Excellent

Which describes your top business priority?

66% - Creating a Consistent Customer Experience

13% - Workforce Management and Culture

8% - Call Center Metrics & Performance

5% - Call Center Data Analytics

3% - Cost Reduction

5% - None of the Above

How does this year’s call center budget compare to that of last year?

49% - About the Same

34% - It Increased

12% - It Was Reduced

5% - Unsure

What are your organization’s plans for hiring a Chief Customer/Chief Customer Experience Officer?

61% - Not in the Budget

36% - Already Hired

3% - Considering Hiring

0% - Already Interviewing