How to Set CX Strategy for a Multinational, B2B-B2C Business: CCW Europe Spotlight

Speakers from CCW Europe discuss the path to CX transformation

Kindra Cooper

CCW Europe

How do you build an effective CX strategy when your team is spread across the world and your direct customer is not the end user? Like many B2B and B2C businesses, that was the challenge facing PostNL, the premier postal provider for the Netherlands. 

In today's experience economy, it's all about going the extra mile. For this podcast episode we interviewed Mark Eldridge, chief customer officer of PostNL Cross Border Solutions, and Verena Junginger, customer contact manager for Spring Global Delivery Services. 

Post NLPost NL

After undergoing a digital transformation and CX transformation over the last two years, PostNL has transformed from a traditional mail company into a logistics services company supporting e-commerce. For instance, they can collect parcels at home for customers who wish to return items purchased online, deliver flowers and meals and even assist with furniture assembly.

Eldridge says it was important to make a cultural shift for the customer-centric mindset to become "just the way we do things around here."