Exclusive: Mrs. Fields On Why "Good Enough Never Is"

Posted: 12/05/2016

Earlier this fall, we shared part one of our interview with Debbi Fields, Founder and Chief Cookie Officer of Mrs. Fields.

Today, we reveal part two.

The interview precedes Debbi’s “Gamechanger Keynote” presentation at the upcoming CCW Winter, which takes place in New Orleans from January 27-30

I'm sure everyone can see the value in connecting with customers.  Not everyone, however, is in your situation - selling a delightful, consumer product like cookies with their name on the company logo.  What recommendations do you have for those who might be in a more restrictive, more transactional corporate environment?  How can *they* forge a meaningful connection with their customers?

Every company has a reason to exist. When you own or work for any business, it has a product or a service to sell. The KEY to CONNECTING is to ask: what is our purpose? Why do our customers NEED our product or service? If you can connect emotionally to why you are needed, that changes the mindset of how you sell, whether it’s nuts or bolts, food, chemicals, software or dental floss.

You need to thoroughly understand what makes you better than the competition.  Are you competing on Price? Service? Quality? Accessibility? Trend?  [When you determine] makes you unique and creates a niche, then you have [what] you need [to connect].

Ask yourself: what are the three characteristics that set you apart from your competition? This answer should be on the tip of your tongue so you can respond in 15 seconds or less. The next question is how do you personally connect your role to the success of the company and create ownership of what makes you and your company great? I think, in the end, the critical question is: do you love what you do? And, do you surround yourself with a team that has the contagious spirit of winning?

You're successful - both from a business standpoint and in terms of forging meaningful connections with customers.  So what are your ambitions moving forward?  How do you stay motivated to achieve continued success?  How do you personally live up to the “Good Enough Never Is" mantra?

Every day is a gift, a new beginning. I am not perfect... far from it, but knowing that inspires me to make each day and moment a bit better.

Living, breathing, thinking of the philosophy of "Good Enough Never Is" is simply a challenge to oneself to ask the best of one's potential. It's so easy to compromise, to dream and never act, to talk and not do, to procrastinate and lose out on a chance of a new direction. What do we have to lose by being at our best?

I believe that "Good Enough Never is" means simply: did you give life your best shot? And, if in your heart you know you can do more, then I challenge you here and now to do so.

Right this very moment ask yourself the following questions: What are you doing mentally to stimulate your mind to keep you young and involved? What are you doing physically to sustain your strength and health to maximize your endurance in everything? What are you doing spiritually to connect with your purpose and meaning in life to best support and encourage your beliefs and values?

Last, but not least, I believe relationships correlate to your success and contentment both in business and in life, and if cultivated properly, will last a lifetime. What are you doing to let others know how much you care and how much they matter? Touching the heart of family, friends, coworkers, suppliers, customers, and even strangers will only enable and motivate you to continue on your path to success and happiness.

You're delivering the Gamechanger Keynote at this year's CCW Winter.  What can the audience expect?

My recipe for success, which will not only cover how Passion, Perfection, Perseverance, and People lead to quality, but also how I learned against all odds to see:

Impossible as "I'm Possible"

No is an unacceptable answer

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Posted: 12/05/2016

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