Home Depot On Reducing Customer Effort

When you think about a customer visiting our website, and then either chatting, or making a call to us, we've already failed them...Why did they have to chat with us? Why did they have to call us? So we're constantly feeding information to our business partners to say, 'Here are the call types, here are the chat types that we're getting, and the reasons why,' to help them try and solve for more of the self serve options."

Suffice it to say, Home Depot's Online Contact Center Director Thom Yorke believes wholeheartedly in the notion of a frictionless experience.  It's a top priority for his organization and a key focus of his discussion in the new CCW Digital Podcast.

Hacker is constantly thinking about the progression of Home Depot shoppers -- and how to ensure his team is creating a simple, valuable experience in accordance with that journey.

Hear his insights in the new episode: