Introducing the CCW Digital Podcast | Visionary Guests, Candid Conversations

The CCW Digital Podcast features personal conversations about business, leadership and customer engagement.

CCW Digital

Introducing the CCW Digital Podcast

CCW Digital Podcast launches featuring personal conversations about business, leadership and customer engagement


New York, NY- The official CCW Digital Podcast has launched as part of the B2BiQ Podcast Network.  The first fifteen episodes are already available on the B2BiQ website, on our iTunes App and in Google Play.

Host Seth Adler offers, “by discovering the life narratives of your colleagues, we find how executives have realized the knowledge and insights they apply to their businesses today.” He continues, “We have in-depth conversations about what your colleagues know and how they utilize that business intelligence.”

Guests are from organizations in the Fortune 50 all the way through innovative start-ups. As a podcast, B2BiQ offers listeners on-the-go access to executives’ insights on the plane, train, commute or treadmill.

This is all part of the “work-life weave” that recent guest Lee Coulter of IEEE and Ascension mentions in his conversation about AI standards- “I don’t believe in a work-life balance that you can neatly compartmentalize work and life, put them on a scale and have them neatly balance out. You chose a life in leadership. You don’t clock in and out of leadership. In a work-life weave you’re fully present for a ballet recital at 2pm on a weekday as well as being fully present for an international conference call over the weekend.”

Initial CCW Digital Podcast guests include Ted Graham of GM, Jeremy Bruno of Method, Hilary Hahn of Frontier Communications, Sue Martin of Newegg, and Bill Ashton of The Honest Company.  The most recent interview is embedded below; access the full archive here.

On the customer:

“You have to really feel what they feel and get a sense of who they are and what they're all about. What’s going to pull them.” -Mark Buchanan, Cisco

“When our customers know us and they know we know them. They will defend us to the end of the earth.” - Sue Martin, Newegg

"The consumer wants convenience, they want something that they feel comfortable and safe with ... they want something that they're proud to display.” – Jeremy Bruno, Method