Top Content of 2017: Stop Arguing With Customers, 7 CX Tips, 20 Great CX Quotes, More

CCW Digital's top content of the year included tips on getting along with customers, building a great CX program, becoming customer-obsessed and more.

Brian Cantor

We’re pleased you are part of the CCW Digital Community.  We are honored you choose CCW Digital to gain insight into the challenges – and opportunities – facing customer contact professionals.

We’re thrilled to confirm that we will amplify our effort to create customer management rockstars in 2018.

We’ll be releasing 24 special reports, providing an in-depth look at core and cutting-edge topics in customer contact.  We’ll feature more commentary from our team of expert contributors.  We’ll share more research developed using proprietary, innovative methodologies.  We’ll release more multimedia content, including audio interviews with some of the world’s foremost CX executives.  We’ll provide training and “how-to” documents to help you navigate the always evolving, always challenging world of customer contact.

We can’t wait!

Our excitement for this journey does not, however, prevent us from recognizing the past.

Today, we want to look back at the 5 most-read articles of 2017:

1)      5 Ways to Stop Arguing With Customers

“Customers need to believe they will receive legitimate support from kind, empathetic agents.  Agents need to relish the opportunity to interact and build relationships with concerned customers.

In an ideal world, customers and agents would both make concessions in the name of a happy call.  This is not an ideal world.  It is a customer-centric one; only the agent and business have an obligation to take action.”


2)      7 Foundations of a Great CX Program

“If I was structuring a CX program from scratch, what would be the major principles I’d use?”


3)      Words That Best Describe Customer Experience in 2017

Customer contact leaders from AARP, Carslon Wagonlit, USAA, Travelport, Visa, Freedom Mortgage and more share the words (or phrases) they feel best describe the state of customer experience.


4)      20 Great Customer Experience Quotes From CCW

Leaders from PetSmart, Rent The Runway, Hilton, Electronic Arts and more shared words of customer experience wisdom.


5)      Tips on Customer Obsession from Amazon VP Tom Weiland

Amazon’s brand name has become synonymous with the notion of customer centricity, and many contact center leaders identify Amazon’s experience as the one they most want to replicate.

Ahead of his keynote at CCW Vegas, Amazon VP Tom Weiland discussed his company’s emphasis on customer obsession.