AXA Assistance's Operations Director On Journey From Military To Customer Service

As businesses increasingly emphasize the importance of connecting with customers, they are naturally focusing on the importance of empathy.

The best brands do not simply focus on what customers are saying or requesting.  They work to understand the emotion and intention behind those requests.

It is through that emotional understanding - through that empathy - that businesses can truly appreciate the importance of what customers want.  And when they truly appreciate that importance, they can truly deliver.

This notion of empathy takes center stage in the latest CCW Digital Podcast.

Host Seth Adler is joined by Jason Daniels, director of operations for AXA Assistance.

Daniels discusses his journey from the military, to medical clinics, to ultimately taking on his current role.

In each environment, Daniels found that being on the front lines gave him a new perspective on what people wanted -- and thus a new perspective for leading.

Listen to the podcast below: