#5 Call Center Power Player Panel: Social Media and Customer Service

Blake Landau

Rolling your eyes at another social media panel? Don’t—because today we cut through the fluff and provide critical insight into how you can leverage social business to cut costs.

Social media metrics are the economic feedstock of forecasts. Determining the value of your social business initiatives is critical to business performance. Your social initiatives should bring the same value as any other business initiative—it should contribute to revenue generation or cost savings.

Hear from power players Kathy Herrmann, Mary Murcott, Glenn Pasch and Emily Yellin. Kathy Herrmann is a Partner in Pathlight Solutions and inventor of the social valuation methodology and tool ValueRight. Mary Murcott is the author of Driving Peak Sales Performance and President of Performance Transformations, Glenn Pasch, blogger, trainer and President of Improved Performance Solutions and Emily Yellin, author of Your Call Is (Not That) Important To Us.

If you can build a good social media presence, you enable customers to find the answers they need, driving down incidents. Decreased incidents, number of contact per incident and time to resolve are all important numbers affected by your social media efforts. Once you understand this impact on incidents, you will determine the cost-savings benefit of social business.

Social business should be used to foster engagement. Are you tapping into communities that provide peer-to-peer insights on your company’s products and services? There is big cost savings here. In addition to this knowledge sharing in the cloud social media should be taken just as seriously as the phone.