Are You Crippling Your Customer Experience?

"How often have you been on a call, only to be put on hold, repeat your information as you’re transferred around, or worse, get the wrong answer?"

In asking that simple question, Stacy Leidwinger, Vivisimo’s senior director of product management, hits on the disappointment millions of customers consistently encounter as they contact call centers for support. As these negative experiences accumulate, the reverse is true of customers’ confidence in the company, customers’ satisfaction with the brand and customers’ willingness to engage in dialogue with the service agents.

Luckily for customer management leaders, the struggle to efficiently and successfully satisfy customers need not continue. For many organizations, gaps and inefficiencies in the customer service process can be traced to one simple—but very real—organizational challenge: Big Data.

Facing more pressure than ever to improve the customer experience, organizations are inclined to ask, "What is the root of our customer experience challenges?" According to Leidwinger, too often, the answer is simple: "They’re challenged in how information is shared and consumed. Once you unlock the door to relevant information to the right people, tangible benefits are often revealed."

In this exclusive podcast with, hosted by editor and director Brian Cantor, Leidwinger reveals how data management are crippling internal operations and undermining the customer experience.

But the talk is not all negative—she also shares meaningful steps for overcoming the challenges of Big Data and real-life examples of the benefits they can be experienced. Listen now for her insights on the following topics:

  • How much of the data challenge is a myth created by technology vendors; to what extent is it a legitimate bottleneck on customer service?
  • How is Big Data impacting how organizations deliver customer service? What noticeable impact will it have on how customers perceive the organization’s service?
  • What about benefits? In the real-world, how will productivity change once data is under control? And how will this improved customer experience translate into business value for the business?
  • What are the "4 Vs" of Big Data challenges?

Technology is a great way to mitigate data challenges—but before getting there, many organizations have a wealth of other gaps that need closing. What immediate steps can an organization make to prime itself for improved data management?