Blend VoC, CRM Data to Raise Profit, Customer Satisfaction

Cory Bennett

Both intuition and research have long linked increased customer satisfaction with increased profit. Finding the reasons and insight behind this link has proved difficult, however.

In a recent whitepaper, software company Allegiance and CRM consultant Peppers & Rogers Group discussed the concept of "Voice of the Customer intelligence" (VOCi) – a combination of voice of customer (VoC) data and operational data – CRM, financial, etc. While both VoC and CRM have shortcomings, when properly combined, companies can find "hidden intelligence and patterns" behind customer dissatisfaction, helping create actionable steps to raise customer satisfaction and profit.

Allegiance Vice President of Marketing and Products Chris Cottle joined CMIQ to discuss how to properly combine VoC and CRM data to maximize insights, the methods for creating company-wide buy-in for an integrated analysis, the proper technology to best integrate and capture all useful data and two company's experiences implementing a VOCi program.

Listen to the full interview above or read a summary of the study's findings.