Customer Mgmt IQ Advisory Board Panel: What Do Customers Really Want in a Downturn?

Blake Landau

In this Customer Management IQ advisory board podcast panel, the advisory board members address what customers really want in a downturn economy. We are joined by Emily Yellin, critically acclaimed journalist for the NY Times and author of the groundbreaking book Your Call is (Not That) Important to Us; Mark Ballard, co-founder of Sugardaddy’s Sumptuous Sweeties who has appeared on shows such as the Food Network’s Throwdown with Bobby Flay; and David Cliche, VP Global Interactive Marketing for Aon Corporation.

In this podcast you will hear about how customers want to hear yes. They want their problem solved in as little time as possible. That being said, it is crucial that the customer’s dignity and the call center representative’s dignity are both maintained throughout this process. According the panel, a critical component of your customer’s experience is compassion.

In a downturn economy, companies need to be clear about their brand promise. More than ever customers are looking for brands to deliver on their brand promises. The call center is the barometer for the state of the company and its popularity with customers.

In the downturn economy customers have immediate expectations and are less forgiving. Because of the pressures and outside factors, your business and your call center need to make sure you recognize the immediate expectations. Cutting down on quality of products and call center resources will hurt your customer, and in turn your market share. But when you provide a broad value proposition, customers will come to you again and again.

Customer expectations need to be incorporated into your service model. A brand is only as good as the customer experience that supports it. Customers want to hear "yes!" and maintain their dignity feel that your company is compassionate. They want the same customer experience, regardless of external pressures. Find out more in this dynamic Customer Management IQ advisory board panel!