Delighting Call Center Customers and Turning a Profit With Dru Phelps

Dru Phelps, President of 4-D CRM, is a longtime participant in the IQPC Call Center Week portfolio and a judge of the Call Center Week awards competition. She has been in the call center vertical for some time now and has pretty much seen it all. She joined us this year at the 11th Annual Call Center Week conference to shed light on how to provide stellar customer service and turn a profit.

\She asks us if we make easy it easy for those who reach out to you to get an answer? Is your customer better off since they contacted or contracted business with you?

The second side of the coin is cost. Any process you establish has quality points that can add or subtract in time or money. In a systematic way, remove any loss of effort, duplication, anything logical or left-behind. Identify meaningful activities, technologies or operations related to steps of completion. The mantra is to have a lean system where less is actually more. Do you measure for accuracy, consistency and profitability?

Please! What brings the P&L to life is the EA-SE at which people can contribute!

If your call center representatives sign on to work in your call center, the call center representatives must have felt compelled to give to others and go the extra mile for the mission of the call center. Interview call center representatives for the attitude that portrays your call center’s vision. Train and coach your call center representatives to make balanced decisions, and give them the tools and autonomy to see the job through to completion. Everyone has a stake in the game!
Any experience with the call center can be felt deeply by your customer. Every day, whether you ask for it or not, customers of the call center are keeping score on you by what they see, observe or perceive. Voice of the customer feedback is critical to cross-tabulate profit, liability and empowerment of call center representatives. What service-critical changes in your call center have you made based on customer comments? What extra-value benefits make your services excel that lifted up a customer’s view of the call center?
In this podcast find out what you can be doing to improve the experience you are providing to your customer with simple, effective tools.