Don’t Just Monitor Your Contact Center Agents – Monitor Your Customers

"We want all of our KPIs, all of our customer—and employee—engagement to be centered around what it is that the customer needs and wants so that we can not only meet his expectations but exceed his expectations."

Successful business leaders know not simply what they need to do but why they are doing it. And when it comes to monitoring the performance of contact center agents, a cornerstone of customer management, leadership must understand precisely why it is so important.

The contact center is designed to serve customers, and as a result, it is their satisfaction that ultimately determines success or failure. Contact center "quality" is merely a proxy that signals whether or not that core objective is being achieved.

No customer management professional would dispute this logic, yet far too few truly put the customer at the center of their strategy. As Lanny Schindelmeiser, Bombardier Aerospace Business Aircraft’s director of customer support, explains, even though customer satisfaction is the most important barometer of success, "We spend a lot of time quality checking the representative, but not enough time analyzing the customer."

Rather than restricting assessment to the walls of the contact center, businesses need to monitor the customer’s complete experience with the brand. From struggles with self-service, to difficulties with IVR systems, to discomfort with an agent’s tone, customers encounter many potential pain points, and an organization cannot truly deliver satisfaction until it understands and eliminates them.

In this exclusive podcast, conducted at the 7th Annual Call Centre Week Canada, Lanny Schindelmeiser reveals the importance of looking beyond agent quality and building a contact center experience around what matters most to the customer.

The speakers at the 8th Call Centre Week Canada will expand on this topic while addressing a host of emerging and lingering challenges for customer management professionals.