Easy & Personalized: The Experience Your Customers Really Want

Inspired by The Experience Economy, thought leaders have long advocated for a memorable, transformative, magical approach to the customer experience.

The notion is not without merit.  Companies like Disney and Zappos have excelled financially -- and been declared “customer service icons” -- by delivering delightful, dazzling, creative experiences befitting a stage.

It is not, however, the end-all, be-all approach to customer engagement.

"Most companies don't need to hook a museum up to their retail store," declares customer experience thought leader, author and consultant Blake Morgan.  "Customers are not looking to do yoga when they go to the grocery store.  They're not looking to go on a roller coaster when they go to the airport."

So what are customers truly demanding?

"They’re essentially just looking for easier ways to do business with companies,” explains Morgan.  Customers, she continues, also place a high premium on personalization.

In this exclusive Call Center IQ interview, Blake Morgan elaborates on this call for an effortless, personalized experience, reveals how businesses can meet the customer demand, discusses tactics for securing stakeholder buy-in and shares examples of disruptors that are parlaying customer centricity into business growth.