Effectively Connecting with Female Customers Online

Taylor Korsak

Research results provided by She-conomy.com and BlogHer.com reveal a disconnect between marketers and women, highlighting how companies tend to rely on stereotypes to capture the female audience – for instance, the misconception that all women are mothers or that a woman’s age determines her activity level.

CMIQ spoke with Jo’Ann Alderson, creator of the "faceless communication" concept and author of Connecting in the Faceless World, on the subject. Alderson offered her informed perspective on the current state of company-customer relationships and how companies can better digitally engage female customers.

We are constantly connected and connecting with our customers through our websites, email updates and social media tools, but are we actually making a connection?

Alderson discussed engagement methods that have fostered connections in the past and how they have evolved and reappeared in the present.

"Everything old is new again," she said.

From an organizational perspective, Alderson offered some suggestions on how to modify company behaviors to increase female customer satisfaction. Here are some of her key takeaways in terms of engaging and retaining female customers:

  • Show Respect.
  • Build Trust.
  • Look back to move forward and, like fashion, update old ideas and apply a unique twist to new mediums and methods.
  • Creating a connection is not just the job of a marketing strategy, but of the entire organization.
  • Further topics of discussion include:

  • Jumping on the "Social Media Bandwagon." Which tools are necessary and which aren’t?
  • The return of shoulder-pads: a brief analysis.