Hiring Gen Y-ers, Innovation and Bringing Call Center Jobs Home With Joe Jacoboni

Blake Landau

Joseph Jacoboni of Contact Centers of America wowed the audience at the 5th Annual Call Center Summit in Orlando, Florida, and took some time to chat with Customer Management IQ. In this podcast he discusses the importance of "onshoring" in addition to offering jobs to Gen Yers, vets and other Americans in need of call center work.

The onshoring of call centers is an important and lucrative investment. Offshored and outsourced call centers are a huge point of frustration and pain for customers and companies alike. The poor service coupled with the unemployment rate makes the perfect storm. We need to re-evaluate why call centers are being offshored and why.

As an industry, onshore call center services must be cost effective and price competitive, provide exceptional expected services that are culturally appropriate and work with customers to define the most suitable response to their needs to ultimately deliver extreme customer satisfaction, better than what is currently offered.

Customer service and technical support are not a "check box" of services that your company provides. The key is to improve the overall return on investment (ROI) of the customer experience at a good price. The focus should be on the development a long-term relationship with the customer to continue to evaluate, recognize and support the customer’s ongoing needs–to build a relationship with the customer that transcends a single interaction, to deliver the highest quality of customer service.

A real call center partner should understand the traditional variables, but also recognize the value of an extremely satisfied customer. This means you (your company) must understand what it takes to satisfy your customer’s needs. The only way to meet these objectives and provide extreme customer satisfaction is to evaluate the processes and procedures of every touch point of customer contact. Then determine how to support and implement call center services that positively affect these specific areas, so your customers receive excellent support and service. In this podcast, Jacoboni provides a business case for onshoring call centers back to the United States.