Interview with Janet LeBlanc, Director of Customer Value at Canada Post

Blake Landau

Janet LeBlanc, Director of Customer Value Management for Canada Post, is passionate about stellar customer service and the customer experience. LeBlanc recognizes the challenges of a public sector company complete with a unionized workforce and how the customer experience has not always been a company-wide focus.

A case study presenter at IQPC’s Call Centre Canada conference, she was able to overhaul the Canada Post customer service and customer experience offering by recognizing that many of Canada Post’s executives and sales account teams were unable to communicate. The employees of Canada Post couldn’t communicate the value of customer service. LeBlanc set out to create value through customer service by identifying what made the company different than its competitors: Why choose the Canada Post customer experience and customer service offering instead of an alternative?

After carefully executing a make over on Canada Post’s customer service and customer experience strategies, the company now has customers in awe of the improvement in customer experience. She has led Canada Post to realize the link between customer experience improvements and bottom-line results and recognize the many important benefits of strong customer service.

LeBlanc focuses on linking improvements to customer value metrics. She knows that to improve the customer service offering, process improvement initiatives need customer feedback for validation. The Canada Post performance management system—directly linked to customer experience—is integrated within their organization so that employees assign accountability across the entire organization for the customer experience.

Her team built a framework that examines the customer experience across factors such as product features/benefits, product delivery, price, customer service and the overall branding of the business. LeBlanc is very proud of the work conducted for Canada Post and will be delivering her case study at Call Centre Week Canada. This presentation will occur Tuesday August 18 at 3 p.m. at The Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, Canada.