Part 2 of the Power Player Panel: Call Center Futurists Bring Surprising and Counter-Intuitive Insight

Blake Landau

The call center has a horrendous reputation—that’s old news!

The second in a series of power player podcast panels, three call center futurists address how you can turn your call center from a "complaint center" to a "thinking organization."

Have you ever heard call center representatives compared to automatons? These power players have watched the call center industry change from a phone business, to a technology-obsessed business, and back to a phone business.

Are you interested in spending less call center resources on damage control and more on preventative measures? Would you like your customers to like and respect your call center?

Jo’Ann Alderson, Kathy Herrmann and Judy Mckee provide surprising insight on the new school of thought on call center management and measurement. Alderson has been called "the Oprah of her industry." She is a CEO and author of the soon to be released Connecting in a Faceless World. Herrmann is Partner of Pathlight Solutions and is known in some circles as the "business process queen." Lastly we hear from popular industry speaker Mckee, trainer, sales consultant and author of The Positive Coach Approach.

Our Customer Management IQ power players kick your call center into shape. Alderson, McKee and Herrmann have a few ideas on how you can make simple changes to turn the call center on its head. Call center leaders lead with their best foot forward. Find out how in this content-rich panel.