Peter Guber On Customer Experience: Aim At Their Hearts, Not Their Wallets

Think the customer experience is inconsequential to overall business results?  Don’t tell that to Peter Guber, the New York Times Best-Selling Author who is chairman and CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group, owner and co-executive chairman of the Golden State Warriors, owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers and owner and executive chairman of Major League Soccer’s Los Angeles Football Club.

The sports and entertainment mogul is a firm believer in the importance of customer centricity.

Asked to provide a recipe for success across industry, Guber trumpets the importance of connecting with customers as people.

“You have to aim at their heart and not their wallet,” explains Guber regarding customers in the analog world.

Expanding on his “secret sauce,” Guber notes that “you have to look at [them] as audiences who expect great experiences.”

This experiential approach – one based on relationships rather than transactions – positions businesses for long-term success.

Named the 2017 “Game Changer,” Peter Guber will share more insights about connecting with customers in his keynote at CCW, June 26-30, Las Vegas, NV.

Ahead of that presentation, he took part in an interview for the CCW Digital Podcast.  Listen now!