Putting the Pedal to the Metal on Social Business Strategy in the Contact Center

Blake Landau

In this podcast Daniel Ziv, VP Customer Interaction Analytics at Verint Systems Inc., provides just the facts on the intersections between social business strategy and the contact center. Verint is a technology provider of actionable intelligence solutions and and services for workforce optimization and security intelligence.

Ziv has led the speech analytics solutions at Verint for the past seven years, and has over 20 years of management and consulting experience in the software industry. Ziv knows the ROI of unleashing the power of social media, and when done correctly should do only two things for a company: generate revenue and cut costs.

You've heard the "United Breaks Guitars" song, you saw the Domino's Pizza video and you are familiar with the old phrase "Dell Hell." These customer service disasters could have been avoided by leveraging social media to listen to customers. By leveraging social media contact centers can now serve "psychic pizza," the delivery of products and services before the customer even asks for it.

Some organizations are involved in major company-wide pushes for social media, but many are not. While it is easy to judge these non-social savvy companies, we cannot blame them. Most leaders who avoid going social have not seen the ROI.

Ziv is here to provide just the facts. Did you know that 20 percent of tweets come from customers vocalizing complaints? While you noodle on that consider that only 3 percent of senior level executives over the age of 50 check their brand on Twitter. We have a long road ahead of us on the social media journey. Join this podcast to find out why you need to start understanding social business strategy!