Q&A: The Economist on the Customer Management Mistake Too Many Brands are Making

Not everything gets to be a hot-button issue. Not everything gets to be trendy, let alone "sexy."

But, often times, the concepts so commonly overlooked are the ones most deserving of the limelight. That is unequivocally the case when it comes to strategies for customer loyalty.

We know the importance a loyalty-minded customer experience plays in generating satisfaction. We know that retaining existing customers is a vastly more profitable strategy than courting new ones. We know that no matter the industry in which the business operates or the personal priorities of its various stakeholders, building customer loyalty is the gateway to success.

Taking customers' loyalty for granted, especially in a competitive, socially-driven, cost-conscious atmosphere, is therefore a significant mistake. And it is one organizations so consumed with trendiness are persistently making.

But The Economist is not making that mistake, and in this exclusive podcast, David Rompf, the organization's director of loyalty and engagement, offers valuable insights for building customer loyalty. Rompf, a speaker at the upcoming Customer Loyalty Marketing Summit, reveals why loyalty strategy must be a multi-faceted one, driven by neither singular moments nor a rhetorical organizational commitment but instead a fundamental commitment to moments of delight at every touchpoint.

He also teases details about the "perfect" customer loyalty experience he once encountered.