Safelite: Doing "The Right Thing" for Customers with 5Bes and 5Ts

Brian Cantor

Kerry Hurff, Safelite’s director of marketing, has a message for those who struggle with the alleged challenge between acting in the best interest of the customer and acting in the best interest of the business: "It is never in the short-term or long-term interest to not do the right thing."

That commitment to always doing right by—and delighting—the customer has helped Safelite attain success from both a business and customer satisfaction standpoint, and it thus represents an unbreakable "part of the [Safelite] DNA."

But the decision to deliver for the customer and to grade one’s service against customer-centric benchmarks is not as simple as declaring intent. It is not even as simple as getting the C-suite excited about a new customer experience endeavor.

It is about driving every member of the organization to value customer feedback and hold himself accountable for delivering an extraordinary experience for customers. If one team of staffers or one set of processes runs counter to customer-centricity, the organization’s ability to satisfy the customer will be jeopardized and the inevitable link between doing the right thing and reaping business rewards will be compromised.

In this exclusive Customer Management IQ podcast, Hurff, a speaker at the 8thAnnual Customer Feedback Week, September 19-21 in Boston, MA, reveals how Safelite mobilized its organization behind customer delight and how systems like the "5 Bs" and "5 Ts" help get the job done.