The Results Proven Positive Coach Approach to Increasing ROI in the Call Center

Blake Landau

Judy McKee, co-author of The Positive Coach Approach and co-founder of McKee Consulting LLC, knows call center talent management and how to turn your cost center into a profit center through positive coaching. To improve call quality and in turn customer experience, managers and coaches must understand and embrace the philosophy and background of the process as outlined in each foundational block.

Call center representatives inherently want to do a good job but encounter challenges on their path, which prevent them from achieving success. The gaps in communication between call center management and call center staff cause call center nightmares. McKee believes these nightmares are preventable and teaches listeners how to address key call center talent management issues in this podcast.

McKee expects the call center representatives to self-correct and wants you to "listen for what isn’t there." She encourages you to monitor the calls but avoid wasting your time by listening for the right things. Measuring the call by how the customer reacts to the call center representative is critical; rather then only listening to the call center representative when measuring performance, McKee asks that you listen to the customer and their reaction to the call center representative.