Video: Zynga & TELUS Reveal the 7 Keys to a Customer-Centric Call Center

Video: Zynga & TELUS Reveal the 7 Steps to a Customer-Centric Call Center

You can have all the right technology and measure performance against all the right metrics, but if your customer support teams and partners are not completely committed to a culture of customer centricity, you can wave satisfaction goodbye.

Try as we might to approach the customer experience from a scientific perspective of metrics and "best practices," success ultimately comes down to a simple, essential, personal question: did you satisfy the customer?

Whether you manage your own customer support staff or rely on outsources, it takes a special culture for agents to appreciate the ramifications of that question and recognize that completing their most basic tasks does not inherently equate to customer delight. If your agents do not have that special appreciation—one that comes from the highest ranks of the organization and trickles through to every corner of the organization—your customer support function will not be successful.

At the 13thAnnual Call Center Week in Las Vegas, business partners Zynga and TELUS International shared how their partnership is predicated on the fundamental notion of delighting the customer…the way the customer wants to be delighted. In consistently achieving that goal, they rely on a set of seven practices for creating a culture of customer-centricity.

This video, the presentation in its entirety, sheds more light on those "Lucky 7" philosophies and offers a comprehensive glimpse at how these partners collaborate to satisfy customers.


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