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2016 Executive Report on Customer Experience

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We all know the customer experience is important. Less clear? How to actually improve it!

Ambiguity and uncertainty cloud our understanding of what the customer experience is, what a great customer experience entails, and how to actually achieve that ideal experience in our businesses. They thwart progress and hurt our ability to maximize customer relationships.

With the 2016 Executive Report on the Customer Experience, we hope to change that. Driven by CCIQ’s exclusive market research, commentary from experts, and case studies, we eliminate the ambiguity and provide clear, actionable insight into what customers AND businesses want from the experience. We then provide guidance for actually delivering it!

Key Findings Include:

  • What exactly is the customer experience? Which functions are involved?
  • How do today’s businesses and customers define a *good* experience? How do they measure it?
  • How can companies create the best possible interactions with customers?
  • What are the top strategic investments and initiatives for improving the CX?
  • How will businesses improve agent performance?
  • Which is more important: customer retention or acquisition?
  • How can you better understand the voice of the customer?
  • How can you create a better customer experience journey?